#20: Power up your relationships

Your weekly round-up of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions, including expert advice to power up your relationships.
#20: Power up your relationships
Welcome to issue #20 of The Power Up, the curated email magazine from Man Body Spirit.

Every day I scour the Internet in search of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions to help improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our readers, curating the best bits together in this neat little package – and delivered direct to your inbox. 

As it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday, this week’s focus is on human relationships – often an important foundational factor in our all-round wellbeing. 

And I don’t mean only romantic relationships – the tips I’ve found can be applied to all kinds of interpersonal relationships – whether with family, loved ones, colleagues or business contacts.

As always, I hope you find at least one thing that’s really helpful to you right now.
10 rules for solid relationships
We all know that a sound relationship, marriage, or union is made up of a variety of characteristics.

The ability to listen properly, to think of your partner before yourself, self-development etc, all play a role in forging a solid partnership with another human. 

Relationships take work, and this piece from the Good Men Project is a rallying call for men to take the responsibility for maintaining the discipline required to keep relationship standards high. 
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How ‘The Five Love Languages’ can improve our relationships
The ‘Five Love Languages’ were coined by relationship counsellor Gary Chapman in his book of the same name.

The book may be a pretty fluffy read, but his simple, relatable analysis of the key interactions between couples makes a lot of sense can be a handy lens through which to analyse both our romantic relationships, as well as those with anybody else we spend a lot of time with and care about. 

This article explains the Five Love Languages and shows how understanding them can help transform our relationships for the better.
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The positive psychology of successful relationships
How can positive psychology help in keeping the passion alive in long-term relationships?

This article pulls from social psychology studies to outline six focus areas for maintaining strong relationships with loved ones, including staying calmer during disagreements and the surprising importance of how we react to the sharing of good news. 
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Every classic way to spice sex up, ranked
We couldn’t really have an issue focused on relationships without at least some mention of sex now, could we?

Ask Men have analysed 20 of the often recommended ways to ‘spice up your sex’ life, and ranked them on three criteria: Spice, Realism & Pleasure.

Read on for some fresh inspiration for what could be your most fun Valentine’s in years.
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3 skills for healthy romantic relationships | Joanne Davila | TEDxSBU
People may know what a healthy romantic relationship looks like, but most don’t know how to get one.

In this Tedx talk, psychologist and researcher Joanne Davila describes how you can create the things that lead to healthy relationships and reduce the things that lead to unhealthy ones using three evidence-based skills – insight, mutuality, and emotion regulation.
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Bonus content
Active listening lessons from the FBI to help with negotiation situations
Whether negotiating with loved ones, colleagues or business contacts, generally people want two things – to get what they want and still walk away with the relationship intact.

The good news is, we can achieve both outcomes by leveraging influence, and emotion – the same strategies of FBI hostage negotiators.

Whether we’re asking for a raise, selling a product, buying a house, or just deciding where to go on holiday with our partner, our negotiating skills will determine how pleased we are with the outcome.

Read on for top tips from Chris Voss, former lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI and author of Never Split the Difference (named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 7 best negotiation books of all time). 
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