2020 is a special year.

Just like 20/20 vision gives us a sharp picture of what’s in front of us, approached in the right way 2020 can help us look forward to a life that is more clearly-defined.

If you like the sound of having a clearer view of the life you want to live and the kind of person you want to be, read on for tips on how to set yourself up for 2020 to be your best year yet.

1. Give more

Think back to when you last gave someone a gift. It felt good, didn’t it? Giving makes us feel more fulfilled. We love seeing others’ happy faces when we give them something, be it a physical gift, or a service or experience.

Studies have found that experiences, not things, provide long-lasting happiness. With this in mind, consider giving more of your time to someone who could use your help in some way. Lend a listening ear to a friend or family member who would benefit from speaking to someone. Even seemingly small gestures could be a timely experience that they will cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. Providing that kind of impact on somebody else will have a naturally elevating impact on you as well.

2. Start a new holistic practice

With hindsight being 20/20 it’s easy to look back at our past and see missed opportunities to learn and grow; where we could have invested more time to bettering ourselves, but we made excuses.

With this new year muster the strength of discipline to follow-through with practices that you know deep down will be good for you and make you a better man – and reap the benefits later.

Below are just a few suggestions of holistic practices you could take up that have proven mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Start any of these slowly, dipping your toe in the water first to see which feels right for you:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Qi Gong
  • Tai Chi
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Pretty soon, you will be practicing daily and looking forward to every session, given how great it makes you feel.

3. Start journaling

Journaling is a powerful and increasingly popular way to uncover and capture insights and lessons about yourself.

Some of the most successful men in history, who have left a lasting legacy, from Marcus Aurelius to Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci, have been dedicated journal writers. That’s pretty good company.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of journaling is that it can be a form a therapy. Instead of paying a psychologist to sit in a chair and listen to you, you can save your money and write down what you are going through in a journal.

Many studies have found that writing about traumatic or stressful events, as well as your feelings and emotions, elevates your mental and physical health.

You can either get a glorious-looking leather-bound journal to write in or use a digital medium, be it a word processor on your computer like FocusWriter or an app on your phone like Evernote.


4. Feng Shui your living space

There is a good reason why Feng Shui is practiced by billionaires and celebrities alike: it works.

The ancient Chinese realised that everything is ultimately made of energy. This energy, while sometimes seen in the form of the elements, is also unseen and should be treated just as tangible and real as the things we can see and touch.

Clearing out the clutter of our living space will help energy flow more easily, leading to fewer feelings of being stuck or thwarted. Clear up your living space and see just how quickly you start feeling better. Also keep it clutter-free so you can hold onto those good vibes.

5. Reflect on past mistakes

Nobody likes to dwell on all the areas they think they screwed up. However, reflecting on your past mistakes isn’t an exercise to make you feel bad about yourself. In fact, it’s the opposite. By reflecting on where you made a bad judgment call or did something you regretted, you can avoid repeating those mistakes in the future.

Self-reflection is a powerful way to become conscious of your faults and rise above them going forward.

Since 2020 is all about seeing the past clearly and moving forward with increased clarity, your reflection will help you be more successful in the future.

6. Strengthen your social relationships

Humans are social beings that thrive on connection. Relationships of all kinds, be they platonic, familial, or romantic, fulfill something within us that simply can’t be provided by material things or an AI chat bot.

Not only should you be strengthening the bonds you have with friends, family, and loved ones in this new year, but you should also be open to creating new relationships and connections. Who knows; you may have some of the most fulfilling experiences you have ever had because you were open to new and richer relationships with others.

7. Download the Power Up Your Life Workbook

If you’re committed to making 2020 your best year yet, but you’re not sure where to start, then download the Power Up Your Life Workbook from Man Body Spirit.

Within its pages I share a selection of simple-to-follow exercises that helped me reconnect with my purpose, gain confidence, focus and renewed energy, giving me a much greater sense of contentment, freedom & direction.

You can download it for FREE or share the link with a friend who might be looking to start afresh in 2020.


Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. With 2020 at our door, take the time to be intentional about how it will be your best year yet.

With this list and the Workbook you have a great jumping off point, so start with focusing on one of these and incrementally begin your betterment as a man.


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