The Power Up #6: Change your mindset, change your life

Your weekly round-up of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions, including 4 practical steps that will make you more lucky!
#6: Change your mindset, change your life
Welcome to issue #6 of The Power Up, the new curated email magazine from Man Body Spirit. 

Every day I scour the Internet in search of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions to help improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our readers, curating the best bits together in this neat little package – and delivered direct to your inbox. 

In each edition I’ll bring you handpicked perspectives, research, videos, podcasts, action-orientated tips and more relating to 21st century masculinity, conscious living, holistic health & sustainable lifestyles. 

We had a surge of new subscribers this week, so I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you all. I hope you find at least two things of great relevance and value to you in every issue (hopefully more!).

But enough of the preamble, let’s dive in to this week’s content…
How to be more ‘Lucky’: backed by science!
This week’s issue starts with a piece from the Man Body Spirit Blog where I discuss ‘The Luck Factor’, by Dr Richard Wiseman – a great analysis of why some people appear to have ‘all the luck’, whilst others just can’t seem to get a break.

Based on scientific studies of apparently ‘lucky’ and ‘unlucky’ people, Wiseman distills his findings into four simple mindset shifts that any of us can make to boost our chances of good fortune. 
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7 Ways to deal with negative thoughts
Sometimes – in fact oftentimes – our minds can be our own worst enemies. Interpreting situations for the worst, ruminating on the negative, limiting possibilities for ourselves, keeping us playing small.

Meanwhile depression and anxiety have become modern day epidemics, and male suicide rates continue to grow well beyond worrying levels in Western societies.

And whilst depression and anxiety can, and possibly has, impacted many of us at one time or another, fortunately there are steps we can take as individuals to build our resistance for when the dark days come. 

This is a quickfire list of effective techniques we can employ in our daily lives to increase our mental strength and head negative thoughts off at the pass before they develop into anything more significant.
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Advice from a grooming expert in his fifties to his younger self
Like many of us, I was raised to be suspicious of vanity, so have never been the kind of guy to spend huge amounts of time in front of the mirror, or money on grooming.

But over the years I’ve learned that taking care of myself, including my appearance, is an important factor in boosting self confidence, and I wish that I’d read something like this when I was younger. 

In this piece from Mr Porter, a grooming expert of 20+ years shares some of his most valuable lessons relating to health and wellness, including a number of mistakes he wishes he could go back and correct. 
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21 Quotes that (if applied) could change you into a better person
I’m a big fan of Ryan Holiday and his writings about modern day stoicism. So I was immediately drawn to this list of handpicked, significant quotes he shared on Medium.

“As long as man has been alive, he has been collecting little sayings about how to live,” he says. “We find them carved in the rock of the Temple of Apollo and etched as graffiti on the walls of Pompeii. They appear in the plays of Shakespeare and… Today, they’re recorded on iPhones and in Evernote.”

And indeed in this email. Enjoy…
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Bonus content
Podcast #001: Movement, mind and mentors, with movement teacher Henry Neumann
Did you know that I also have a podcast?
Here’s a retro recall to episode #1 recorded earlier this year in which I spoke to movement teacher, Henry Neumann about holistic human development.

In our wide-ranging conversation we discuss Budokon, movement and the importance of a holistic, balanced approach to personal growth, taking into account physical, mental, and spiritual coaching. 

Download or stream it today on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.
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10 Books that all men should read to increase their happiness, health & wealth
And as a final bonus this week, here is a neat list I came across of 10 books that could impact your life for the better.

Scan the list you’re looking for motivation, focus, inspiration, or some fresh perspectives to light your inner fire as we enter the cooler months.
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“Tell me to what you pay attention and I will tell you who you are.”

Jose Ortega y Gasset
Thanks for reading, I hope you found some great value within this week’s edition. If so, please pass on a recommendation to your friends. If not, then please give me feedback on what more you would like to see. See you next time, Adam.


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