The Power Up #8: Meditation, Sleep, Friends, Arts & Time

Your weekly round-up of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions, including how music, singing, dancing and reading can positively impact our health.
#8: Meditation, Sleep, Friends, Arts & Time
Welcome to issue #8 of The Power Up, the curated email magazine from Man Body Spirit.

Every day I search the Internet in search of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions to help improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our readers, curating the best bits together in this neat little package – and delivered direct to your inbox. 

This week’s edition covers a broad range of ideas that can play a key role in developing a solid foundation for our mental and spiritual health – from meditation, to better sleep, social connection and how to use our time more deliberately and wisely. 

I also share a new report from the World Health Organisation about the importance the Arts can play in our wellbeing.

So, with so much to dive into, let’s get started…
5 different meditation styles to try, based on Your needs
From Hollywood stars, to elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs and leaders of some of the most successful organisations, it seems like everyone is extolling the virtues of meditation these days.

Personally speaking, a regular practice really helped me get through the most difficult times in my life, and has become a trusted tool to help me better understand my thoughts and myself, as well as to find calm when stress levels are peaking,  

But if you think that sitting still in silence isn’t for you then this article is here to outline five different techniques that might be better suited to your temperament and needs. 

It even includes a guided meditation to get you started.
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5 effective Sleep apps & methods to help you get better rest
Sleep is one of the most underappreciated and underestimated lifestyle factors in terms of its impact on our health, wellbeing, mood, performance, confidence and so much more. 

It can also be one of the first things to suffer during periods of stress, or trauma.

Thankfully there are a growing number of excellent resources to help us get more shut-eye, or track ourselves in order to gain insights into what might be disrupting a good night’s rest. 

If you could do with a little helping hand ‘walking up the sleepy stairs to Bed-fordshire’ then here are five resources that might be just what you need.
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Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult?
Many of us have been there. Maybe you’ve moved to a new area, or started a new job. Perhaps a relationship has ended and you want to build new social circles that don’t remind you of the past.

Psychology tells us the importance of maintaining strong social connections to both our life satisfaction and mental health, but making new friends can be daunting. Where to even begin?

If this all sounds familiar then here are nine easy approaches to find and make new friends that you can try today, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.
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The Arts can play a critical role in our Health
A new report by the World Health Organization – the biggest ever of its kind – has highlighted a myriad of ways that the arts can positively impact our health and wellbeing.

So from performing arts (singing, dancing, acting), to visual arts (painting, knitting, crafts), literature (poetry, writing, literary festivals), culture (visiting galleries, museums, art symposiums), or online arts (digital arts, design, animation) – you now have the perfect justification to indulge yourself! 
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Bonus content
Why You never have enough time and what you can do about It
If you’re anything like me there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

To practice your healthy habits, spend quality time with friends and family, get your work done, follow your passions, learn, grow, and oh, you should probably eat at some point.

Unfortunately there is no ultimate solution for this modern condition.

My top recommendation is to spend a week tracking how you are spending your time. Complete a Monday-Sunday hour-by-hour tracker, either in a notebook, or digitally, and make a note every hour of what you’ve been up to.

At the end of the week, look back at what you’ve been doing and you’ll almost certainly notice at least two hours per day you could be spending more in line with your goals. 

That aside, this article offers 5 additional practical tips to use your time more effectively.
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7 lies we tell ourselves that keep us from succeeding
We’ve all heard the phrase “I’m my own worst enemy,” and nowhere is that truer than in matters of the mind. 

Our brains are especially adept at creating their own realities that we then completely buy into as true, often in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

These lies we tell ourselves, or limiting beliefs, can hold us back in life, restricting our potential and keeping us returning to old habits.

Here, author Scott Mautz identifies seven of these most common self-lies and suggests ways to overcome them. 
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A Final Thought
There is nothing noble being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Winston Churchill
Thanks for reading, I hope you found some great value within this week’s edition. If so, please pass on a recommendation to your friends. If not, then please give me feedback on what more you would like to see. See you next time, Adam.


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