The Power Up #9: Habits, Protein, Depression & Masculinity

Your weekly round-up of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions, including 31 habits of high achievers, and Gigi Buffon on Depression
#9: Habits, Protein, Depression & Masculinity
Welcome to issue #9 of The Power Up, the new curated email magazine from Man Body Spirit. 

Every day I scour the Internet in search of wisdom, habits, inspiration and practical solutions to help improve the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of our readers, curating the best bits together in this neat little package - and delivered direct to your inbox. 

This week I've found resources across a broad range of topics from habits of high performers, to mindfulness at work, high protein plant-based foods, and the keys to happiness.

I also found a compelling video of Gigi Buffon on his fight against depression, and author Mark Manson on the 21st Century crisis of Masculinity. 

It's an info-packed issue, so I hope you get some value from it.
31 simple daily habits that separate high achievers
The quality of our lives is directly proportionate to the quality of our habits. 

And we all have habits and rituals, whether we are intentional about them or not. 

Even if we shamble out of bed at the latest possible moment, run a comb through our hair, throw on some clothes and rush to work, grabbing a coffee en route before we arrive 15 minutes late, again, that's still a routine.

The key, therefore, is to be intentional about our daily actions - deliberately crafting routines that invigorate our body, sharpen our mind and feed our spirit. Every day.

It's no surprise, then, that there is a growing amount of material which seeks to distill the habits and rituals of those regarded as being outstanding in their fields. 

Inc. asked 31 leaders to share one of their most impactful daily habits and the result is this gold mine of a list. 

From the critical importance of exercise, such as a morning swim, to listening to new music, to the often neglected importance of saying "No", this is a great resource that will provide food for thought as we head into the New-Year-new-habit and resolution setting season.
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Five common work challenges Mindfulness can improve
If you still need some convincing about why Mindfulness is worth incorporating into your life, this article outlines five everyday work situations where having some mindful tricks up your sleeve can have a big benefit.

So if you ever find yourself easily distracted, feeling negative, or are susceptible to your emotions taking over in the heat of the moment, then mindfulness could be just what you need to spot these scenarios as they are arising, and take a step back to choose a different course of action.
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10 super healthy Vegan high protein foods to eat
I've been fully vegan for almost two years now and, even though I'm among the growing millions of vegans worldwide, and materials about plant-based lifestyles can be found almost everywhere, it's still not uncommon to hear questions from non-vegans like, "Where do you get your protein from?"

Also, with the growing number of vegan-friendly-but-processed foods starting to populate supermarket shelves, it is becoming more confusing for vegan-curious shoppers to make healthy choices.

So, with that in mind, here is a handy reminder of 10 foods that will not only give you a protein boost that is at least as good as any animal flesh, but are nutritionally dense and good for you in plenty of other ways too. 
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7 keys to unlock Your Happiness
We all want to be happy, don't we? 

But in the rush of modern life, with so many demands, expectations and stresses placed on us by work, others and the environment we live in, it can be easy to lose our way and find ourselves in a bit of a funk. 

Which is why I will continue to share articles like this one. 

I find it can be reassuring to read so many experts, from cultures all over the world sharing consistent advice - and often such simple things to refocus on and implement too. 

This list comes courtesy of Shawn Doyle, author of 'Jumpstart Your Happiness'. It's from 'Entrepreneur', but the principles can be applied to all of us, whether we are unemployed, retired, working for 'the man' or anything else.
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Bonus content
Video: Gigi Buffon on fighting back from depression
Depression does not discriminate.

It can impact anybody, at any time.

Even if you are one of the most talented and respected athletes in the world, a hero for one of the world's most famous football clubs and your country, set for life financially and with millions of adoring fans the world over.

That was the case with Juventus and Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon who shares his story in this heartfelt video created by Players' Tribune.

Buffon also shared a touching letter he wrote to his younger self here.
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Is There a Masculinity Crisis? A Podcast interview with Mark Manson
Is There a Masculinity Crisis? Is a question floating around a lot at the moment. 

To hear a point of view from a man who has coached men on their journeys of self improvement, as well as researching and writing a lot about masculinity, 'The Gender Knot' podcast talked to Mark Manson, author of the New York Times bestseller ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck’ and self-development expert.

It's a short, but insight-filled conversation, coming in at roughly 30 minutes, so I recommend giving it a listen.
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A Final Thought
“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may.”

Thanks for reading, I hope you found some great value within this week's edition. If so, please pass on a recommendation to your friends. If not, then please give me feedback on what you would like to see more or less of. See you next time, Adam.
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